April 2018 Village Board Minutes

April 16, 2018

Meeting opened at 7:08 PM by Mayor Guido with the Pledge to the Flag.  In attendance were Mayor Louis A. Guido, Trustee Ian Feulner, Hyde Clarke, Attorney and Amy Herr, Clerk-Treasurer.  Also present were Jamey Minich, Kathleen Taylor, Greg Noonan, Dennis Laughlin and JoAnn Guido.

Approval of the March minutes and Organizational Meeting and Budget Hearing minutes as members received in written form.  It was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried, to accept the minutes as written.

Checking Account

4/01/18 Balance


Total Fund

Trust & Agency

Savings Accounts

4/01/18 Balance
Water System Repair Reserve

Cemetery Capital Reserve

Unemployment Insurance Reserve

Water Debt Service Reserve

Parks & Recreation Reserve

Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Res

James Wait Basketball Court Fund

Water Unpaid 3/1/18


Billed in March

Paid in March

Unpaid 4/1/18

It was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido,
unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to accept the report as given.


          Dave Hajczewski gave a written report of the DPW activities for review by the Board. 


          It was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried,
          RESOLVED, to accept the 2018-2019 budget as presented.

          Clerk-Treasurer Herr reported that the Tax Cap and Tax Limit reports have been submitted to the New York State Comptroller’s Office.


          It was on motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried
          RESOLVED, to hire Taylor Miles for the position of Maintenance Worker effective April 30, 2018.


          Mayor Guido recommended the appointment of Edward Harvey as a consultant to the Village Board with no monetary compensation.  It was on motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried
          RESOLVED, to appoint Edward Harvey as a consultant to the Village Board.


          Discussion was held regarding disbanding the Village Planning Board at this time.  The Planning Board could be reestablished in the future if necessary.  Dennis Laughlin explained the history of the Planning Board and that the Village does not have a Land Use Law for the Planning Board to review applications for.  It was on motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried
          RESOLVED, to disband the Village of Cherry Valley Planning Board at this time.


          The annual Water Withdrawal report has been submitted to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as of February 27, 2018.


          A cemetery plot has been sold to Ronald Park, Sr., a town resident, at the cost of $360.00 for the plot and corner stones.  Cemetery deed signed by Mayor Guido and Trustee Feulner.


          Questions were asked by the community members present about the appointment of a consultant to the board.  It was explained that the position is a one year appointment as an individual who has experience to answer questions that the Board members may have and to give guidance as needed.  This position has no voting or decision making powers.

          Questions were asked by the community members about the disbanding of the Planning Board.  It was explained that permits would continue to be obtained from the Otsego County Code Enforcement office and that office would continue to do the code enforcement for the Village.  It was asked why individuals would not have to go to the Town Planning Board and would go directly to the county.  It was explained that the Town Planning Board has no jurisdiction over the Village, therefore any requests for permits would go to Otsego County Code Enforcement as has been done in the past. 

          Kathleen Taylor asked why the village has not reappointed Dennis Laughlin as the Village Attorney.  She feels that the village should use individuals and services that are from the village rather than going outside the village for these things.  She brought up that the village decided a few years ago to get the flowers for the baskets from outside of the village and now the village has hired an attorney from Albany.

          Greg Noonan asked if anyone knows exactly where the village line is on Lancaster Street.  He has had a survey done of his property and the survey is about 50 feet off from where the village sign is.  He was asking in regards to his responsibility for the water line if there is a break or it freezes in the winter.  He stated that he kept his water running this winter and may want some compensation for doing so when the water bills are issued. Mayor Guido stated that there has been discussion on possibly putting a 2 inch water line inside the current water line to help with the freezing issue.  Mayor Guido will have Dave Hajczewski, Interim DPW Superintendent contact Greg Noonan about these issues.  Greg Noonan also asked about the possibility of having a meter put in for a water line to go to a pasture that he has that is within the village limits.  He may be renting it out to someone and they would want to have access to water for the animals. 


After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried,
RESOLVED to make payment on bills and budget modifications as follows:
General Fund
Ch. #’s 12917-12965 & EFT #3
Water Fund                                     
Total Fund

Trust and Agency Fund
Ch # 1908 &1909 & auto deductions

To                                                        From                                                   
A1040.4                $100.00                 A1990                   $100.00


          The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy S. Herr, Clerk-Treasurer
April 17, 2018

Spring 2018 Newsletter

New Village and Town Website Design

        When you get a chance, check out the new design of the Town and Village of Cherry Valley website at www.cherryvalleyny.us.  There is new information on the webpage to include some history and lots of pictures.  There is also a calendar of events on the home page and a blog spot for the Town Supervisor and Village Mayor to keep everyone informed of what is going on in the Village and Town.  If you have anything you think would be of interest to add to the website, please contact the Village Office and we will see if it can be added. 

Hydrant flushing

          The Village will be flushing hydrants around May 9, 2018.  Your water may be discolored for a while.  It will clear up if you run it for a few minutes.

New Employee

          Taylor Miles has been hired as a Maintenance Worker for the Village.  He is starting with the Village on April 30, 2018.  We welcome Taylor to the DPW staff and if you see him out working in the Village please welcome him also.
Village Attorney
           Hyde Clarke has been retained as the Village Attorney as of April 2018.  Hyde graduated from Cherry Valley-Springfield in 2006 and graduated from Albany Law School is 2014.  He is currently an associate attorney with the law firm of Young/Sommer LLC in Albany.  He focuses his law practice in municipal law, environmental law, and land use law.  Hyde is excited to return to Cherry Valley and to work with the Village Board of Trustees.
Garbage and Recycling Pickup

          The 2018-2019 Garbage and Recycling contract was awarded to Waste Recovery Enterprises (WRE) of Bainbridge, NY.  There will be no change in the pickup day.  It will continue to be on Wednesdays.  WRE will begin picking up the garbage and recyclables on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 for Village Residents and Businesses.  Please continue to make sure that your garbage is out by the curb by 7 AM and that it is placed in proper containers.  Permits for Non-normal garbage continue to be required and may be purchased at the Village Office during regular office hours.  A guide to recycling is attached for your use.

Payment of Village Taxes

          Village Taxes will be due in June.  Taxes will be able to be paid at the Village Office during regular office hours or by mail at PO Box 392, Cherry Valley, NY  13320.  This year we are again offering the option of payment of taxes by credit card.  To use this option enter this link into your web browser, http://taxlookup.net/search.aspx?jurisdiction=cherryvalleyvill, complete a search using any of the options shown.  This will bring you to a page with your Property Information.  You will see a button at the bottom of your property information page marked "Make Payment".  Please note, as with cash or check payments, that partial payments cannot be made using this method.
          You can also use this link to look up information on your Village Tax Bill.  To see information on your Town Tax Bill go to the Navigation Box and click on Home.  When you are on the home page you will click on Otsego and on the next page click on Cherry Valley in the Town List.

          A link to this website is available on the Cherry Valley website, www.cherryvalleyny.us using the drop-down for Village and then clicking on Tax Payment.  Any questions please call the Village Office at 607-264-3791.

Water Report

          The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report has been completed.  It is included with this newsletter and posted at the Post Office and Village Office.

Mayor’s Message

We have been making the Village website the information place to go. It seems like a better idea to keep people informed on a daily basis instead of waiting for a semi-annual newsletter. We are still involved in trying to get the Lancaster St. house cleaned up. The DEC stopped us in our tracks but we have a person who will be coming to test for asbestos in the near future. If nothing is found, we can go ahead. If it tests positive we will have to get professionals to do the cleanup. We will be meeting with the Mohawk Valley Land Trust at our May meeting. They seem to have a lot of answers on how to accomplish cleanup without using our tax dollars. We will keep you informed. We have a ton of bad sidewalk and lots of potholes. It will be hard to pick where to start working first but we will get done as much as our budget can handle. I have heard some complaints of holes and other minor issues from Facebook. The hole that was complained about at 2 p.m. was patched at 4:30 p.m. yet the complaints were reinforced and lingered. I will say if you have a problem to email me at: cvmayor59@gmail.com or leave a message at our Village office: 264-3791. I am also in the book. Remember, we are the Village not the Town.

Sincerely, Lou Guido, Mayor

Village Budget

          The Village Budget has been passed for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  The tax rate will be $6.1676, a 28 cent increase from last year’s rate.  The Water Rate will remain at $8.40 per thousand gallons or $168.00 minimum for up to 20,000 gallons.

Meeting Dates

          The Village Board meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Village Office, 2 Genesee Street, Cherry Valley.

Cemetery Fence

          The new Iron Fence has been installed along the sides of the front gate of the Cemetery. The fence will be dedicated to Eugene V. Thaw as part of the Memorial Day ceremonies in the cemetery.

Memorial Day Weekend

          Roast Beef Dinner at Cherry Valley Fish & Game Club on Saturday, May 26, 2018, 5-7 PM.

          Pancake Breakfast will be held on Sunday, May 27, 2018 from 7 – 11 am at the Firehouse to benefit the Auxiliary, Squad and Fire Department.

          Gift Basket Bonanza sponsored by the Catholic Community of St. Thomas the Apostle will be held on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at the Community Center beginning at 2 pm with the drawing at 4 pm.  Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Complimentary food and beverages will be available.  For more information call 264-3779.

          The Annual Memorial Day Parade sponsored by the Whiteman-Hull-Snyder American Legion Post will be held on Monday, May 28, 2018 at 10 am.  Parade will form at the Village Library at 9:30 AM and progress to the cemetery.  Following the ceremonies in the cemetery the parade will reform and return to the Legion Hall.  Refreshments will be available after the parade for parade participants.

          The Annual Memorial Day Brooks Chicken Barbeque will be held at the Presbyterian Church on Monday, May 28, 2018 at 11 am.  Full dinners will be available to take out or eat in and half chickens will also be available.

Cherry Valley Outdoor Sports

          Cherry Valley Outdoor Sports will be sponsoring the Stihl Timbersports Northeast Qualifier on June 15-17, 2018 at Alden Field.  Men's & Women's Division events will be held all three days.  In addition to the Stihl Timbersports Northeast Qualifier other events that are planned to be held include an Archery Shoot, BBQ Competition, Cornhole Tournament, Car Show, Live Music and More.  A Pancake Breakfast will be held on Sunday, June 17, 2018 to benefit the Children’s Christmas Fund.

          Check out the Cherry Valley Outdoor Sports Facebook page for more details. 


Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs
Junk mail and Office Paper
Telephone books, Soft cover books, Hard cover books with cover removed

Greeting cards, Wrapping paper
            *No metallic wrapping paper


Corrugated Cardboard

Single Layer cardboard
            *cereal & tissue boxes, egg cartons

Gable Top Milk and Juice Cartons


Waxed cardboard
Food scraps or other contaminants
Soiled paper
Foil/Metallic wrapping paper
Styrofoam egg cartons
Paper Cups
Paper Plates

       (Please Rinse Thoroughly)

Glass: bottle and jar form only
            * Clear
            * Brown
            * Green

Plastics: bottle and jug form only
            *with the recycling symbol #1-7

Rigid Plastic:
* 5 Gallon buckets and flower pots
* Recycling tubs
* dish drainer
* plastic cups and bowls
* plastic hangers and chairs
* toys and etc….


Tin and aluminum cans
Clean aluminum foil
Clean aluminum pans
Completely empty aerosol cans


Feed, Pet Food Pellet or Coal Bags
Light bulbs
Automotive Fluid Containers
Glasses or Cookware
Glass Plates
ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY KIND   *This includes grocery bags, department store bags, Ziploc bags and garbage bags

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Summary for 2017
Village of Cherry Valley
            To comply with State regulations the Village of Cherry Valley has been annually issuing a report describing the quality of our drinking water.  The Village’s water has again met with all state drinking water health standards, for this past year.
            It should be noted that all drinking water, including bottled drinking water, may be reasonably expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants from natural sources.  The presence of a contaminant does not necessarily indicate that the water poses a health risk.  In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the State and the EPA prescribe regulations which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems.   The water that reaches your home meets/exceeds New York State’s drinking water standards. The state allows for testing of some contaminants less than once per year because the concentrations of these contaminants do not change frequently.  Testing for bacteria is completed monthly, with no trace found. Contaminants in our drinking water as compared to State standards were as follows:
                                                Table of Detected Contaminants

Date of
Regulatory Limit

Max. contami- nant level- goal                                                                    
MCL, or AL – Max. cont. level
0.37 mg/l
10 mg/l
10 mg/l
 2.0 mg/l
2.0 mg/l
90th%= 0.224
1.3 mg/l
1.3 mg/l
3.8 ug/l
5.0 ug/l
0.0091 ug/l
80.0 ug/l
0.276 mg/l
2.0 mg/l
2.0 mg/l
11.2 mg/l
Radium 226
Not detected
5 pCi/l
5 pCi/l
Radium 228
Not detected
5 pCi/l
5 pCi/l
Not detected
15 pCi/l
15 pCi/l
.0032 mg/l
0.10 mg/l
0.10 mg/l
0.0048 mg/l
0.1 mg/l
0.1 mg/l
10.2 mg/l
11.2 mg/l
0.0013 mg/l
60 ug/l (.06mg/l)
60 ug/l (.06mg/l)

ug/l = micrograms per liter …………………. pCi/l + picocuries per liter…………….…… mg/l = milligrams per liter

            Our water is derived from two drilled wells, located behind the “well house” on Alden Street and Alden Park, Genesee Street.  Our system serves almost 600 residents, approximate 245 service connections.
Drinking Water Hotline (800) 426-4791
Contact Person – David Hajczewski, Water Operator (607) 264-3791 or 9384 (shop)
District Office – NYS DOH, Oneonta (607) 432-3911
Amy S. Herr, Clerk-Treasurer                                                               4/17/18