September 2010 Minutes

September 20, 2010

The meeting of the Cherry Valley Village Board opened at 7 p.m. with Mayor Jeffrey S. Stiles presiding. In attendance were Trustee Kevin J. Flint, Trustee Edward A. Harvey, Clerk-Treasurer Dorothy Johnson, Maintenance Worker Matthias VanDerwerker, Stacey Michael, Carolyn Lewis, and Dennis McLaughlin.


The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes, as sent to all board members in written form.
It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, and unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written.

Fund Account Balance
Village General Fund $171,314.83
Water Fund 23,754.64
Total Fund $195,069.47
Trust & Agency Fund 462.06

Fund Savings Account
Water System Repair Reserve $ 2,284.94
Cemetery Capital Reserve 12,955.60
Unemployment Insurance Reserve 4,860.87
Equipment Reserve 3,093.70
Capital Water Debt Service Reserve 39,429.19
Parks & Recreation Reserve 4,867.40
Sidewalk Repair/Replacement 732.04


Unpaid Aug. 1, 2010 $19,618.62
Paid in Aug. 4,331.13
Unpaid 9/1/10 $ 15,287.49


Unpaid Aug. 1, 2010 $15,294.90
Paid in Aug. 4,578.55
Unpaid 9/1/10 $10,716.35


Stacey Michael and Carolyn Lewis attended regarding the Restore New York grant for 29 Main Street. Ms. Michael gave an update stating that the Public Authority Control Board has approved the Grant Disbursement Agreement. Paperwork will be drawn up for the village to sign.
After the public hearing on September 8th, Ms. Michael, Ms. Lewis, and Lynn Bass met with the Campbell’s to discuss other possible options for the project: downsizing, getting outside investors, demolishing the building.
The board reminded them that something must be done by the next meeting or the place will be demolished.


Dennis Laughlin said that the Comprehensive Plan is ready for board approval. Once the board approves, a public hearing will be held for public comment.


Both events were successful, bringing in almost $2,000.00 to be spent on Christmas gifts for local children. Mayor Stiles thanked all who helped, the Clerk and her “sisters” for their work with the auction.


Mayor Stiles asked the Clerk to invite members of Artworks to the next meeting to discuss clarification of certain matters.

FEMA –Emergency Services

The New York State Emergency Management and County Emergency Services will hold a workshop on October 6, 2010 regarding the disaster recovery process and importance of gathering timely disaster assessment before the next event. It was decided to have Dave Hajczewski attend on behalf of the village.
Butch Jones, County Coordinator notified the village, town, fire department, etc. to compile a list of expenditures caused by the recent rain storm (over 7 inches in a few days). All information will be sent on to the state, then federal government to determine if there is enough loss/cost to determine a disaster.
Leonard Perry had applied for funding to complete a project on Genesee Street (County Highway 54) when he was the Otsego County Highway Superintendent. He said the project would involve extensive curbing, gutters and drainage, as well as a concrete box culvert to handle the heavy rain and spring thaw. This was applied for in 2001 and Mr. Perry said it should be coming up soon. Trustee Flint, who is now the Deputy Otsego County Highway Superintendent said the state has taken the project off the list completely. This would have helped the village (financially and otherwise) greatly and not only on Genesee Street.


Warner Wales Kathleen Lemyre
One grave lot. One grave lot.
Section C. Section C.
Lot 75 a. Lot 75 b.


Matthias VanDerwerker attended the meeting on behalf of the Department of Public Works.
He said leaf pickup will begin on October 4th. Sidewalk and driveway repair/patching on Montgomery Street will be done when Dave comes back from his vacation.
Board members said the Lancaster Street work looks very good, though it still needs topsoil, a water shutoff repaired and a couple of driveway entries sloped and widened.
Mayor Stiles again thanked the DPW for doing a fantastic job.
The Mayor said the roof on the DPW Quonset building needs to be
replaced this fall. He said he will help the men put the roof back on.
He reminded them “No cell phones calls that are not village business”.
He also told the department that when doing a burial, it is their
Responsibility to collect the paperwork and money from the people, then to
bring it in to the office. This normally is not a problem.


Jeff Bell again was hired to clean up grass, debris, limbs at 28 Elm
Street. Total bill, without interest to date that will be placed on the taxes for
this property is in the amount of $280.00. Mr. Laughlin said the planning
board is still working on a law pertaining to this matter (tall grass, etc.)


The Board audited and approved the Clerk-Treasurer books for the
2009 – 2010 year.


Thank you cards were received and appreciated from the following for
donations they received from the village:

CV Historical Association
CV Firemen’s Auxiliary
Silver & Gold Senior Club
Roseboom Area Senior Citizens
CV Fire Department
CV Emergency Squad


After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded Trustee Flint, unanimously carried,
Resolved, to make payment on bills as follows:

General Fund Ch #’s 8550 - 8602 $50,460.49
Water Fund “ “ 5,345.65
Total Fund $55,806.14
Trust & Agency Fund Ch #’s 1507 - 1606 $ 2,022.71


It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried to close the meeting at 9:17 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dorothy E. Johnson
September 22, 2010

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