May 16, 2011 Minutes

May 16, 2011

The meeting of the Cherry Valley Village Board opened at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Jeffrey S. Stiles presiding. In attendance were Trustee Edward A. Harvey, Trustee Kevin J. Flint, Village Attorney Dennis B. Laughlin, Clerk-Treasurer Dorothy Johnson, Interim Superintendent David Hajczewski, and members of the Creche Committee: Karen Walker, Sue Ethington, Karen Whiteman, and Ruth Snyder.


The next item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes, as sent to all board members in written form.
It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, and unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written.


Checking Account 5/1/11 Balance
General $61,607.21
Water 8,006.43
Total Fund $69,673.64
Trust & Agency $ 308.25

Unpaid Water
Unpaid 4/1/11 $12,219.05
Paid in April 4,639.67
Unpaid 4/1/11 $ 8,267.46
Paid in May 468.80
Unpaid $ 7,797.66 Returned to County (taxes)

Savings Accounts 5/1/11 Balance
Water System Repair Reserve $ 2,286.27
Cemetery Capital Reserve 12,963.14
Unemployment Insurance Reserve 4,863.70
Equipment Reserve 3,095.49
Water Debt Service Reserve 39,452.12
Parks & Recreation Reserve 7,428.13
Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Reserve 732.62

It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to accept the treasurer’s report as read.


Mrs. Snyder read a re-cap of the origin of the Creche project, which was a joint effort of all of the local churches. The women explained that the crèche was not totally complete when they put it up last winter and they had planned on making changes. Board members offered suggestions and help with getting materials and/or labor.


Mrs. Snyder thanked Dave for his and Mathias’ hard work. She also stated that Bud is doing a great job in the cemetery. Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Snyder noted the positive changes that have been made in the village.


Roadway Sealing

A quote was accepted from Webster Paving in the amount of $1,840.00 to re-seal the cemetery roadway. This will be done in June.

Lawn Tractor Quote

Two different quotes were received on riding lawn mowers for use in the cemetery. As neither mower is exactly what is wanted, it was decided to wait on purchasing a tractor at this time.


The Fire Department has washed Main Street, as a drill for their young (Explorer’s) members. A thank you will be sent to the Chief in regards to the above.
As Main Street (State Route 166) has not yet been swept, the Deputy Clerk has contacted Mike Adams, New York State Department of Transportation regarding the lack of services from the state on the state highway. The Clerk later spoke to Mr. Adams who said they are now or will be soon sweeping the street. He also stated that the Town of Cherry Valley gets reimbursed for sanding/salting and plowing the street, but it is the responsibility of the Village to do the snow removal.


Donations toward community beautification have been received from:
Jeff Stiles……………. $25
Kevin Flint …………. 25
Ed Harvey ………….. 25
Tracy’s Law Office …. 50
Kathryn Lane ……….. 35
CV Historical Assoc. .. 25


The Chamber has had the historical signs remade. As Artwork’s has sponsored the sign in front of the former Village Hall, it was suggested that the village may want to have one made for in front of the former school (which part of is leased by the town and village). The board took no action on this.


After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried,
Resolved, to make payment on bills and transfer appropriations as follows:

General Fund Ch #’s 8921 – 8965 $15,869.96
Water Fund “ “ 4,903.02
Total Fund $20,772.98
Trust & Agency Fund Ch #’s 1660 - 1665 $ 534.00

Transfer of Appropriations

To From
A1490.4’ $100.00 A1990.4 $100.00
A5110.4’ 494.21 A5110.4 494.21
A6969/4 1,407.96 (A1620.4 412.16
(A1640.4 995.80

Budget Amendment

From To To
Water Debt Savings $5,000.00 F2770 $5,000.00 F9720.4 $5,000.00


It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, unanimously carried to close the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dorothy E. Johnson
May 25, 2011

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