July 2013 Minutes


July 15, 2013
The meeting was opened at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Kevin J. Flint. Also in attendance were Trustee Louis A. Guido, Jr., Trustee Edward A. Harvey, Village Attorney Dennis B. Laughlin, Clerk-Treasurer Dorothy E. Johnson, and Interim Department of Public Works Superintendent David R. Hajczewsk.

The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes, as sent to all board members in written form.
It was upon motion of Trustee Guido, seconded by Trustee Harvey, and unanimously carried,

RESOLVED, to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written.


Checking Account 7/1/13 Balance – Unpaid water on taxes - Balance

General $160,875.31 -$11,250.08 = $149,625.23
Water           -756.49 + 11,250.08 = 10,493.59
Total Fund $160,118.82                    160,118.82
Trust & Agency $ 0.00
Savings Accounts 7/1/13 Balance
Water System Repair Reserve $ 2,889.53
Cemetery Capital Reserve 11,137.60
Unemployment Insurance Reserve 5,170.12
Water Debt Service Reserve 24,492.87
Parks & Recreation Reserve 8,872.28
Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Reserve 233.35

Unpaid Taxes

Total to be collected $185,428.69
Paid in June -              130,349.83
Unpaid 7/1/13           $ 55,078.86

After discussion, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey seconded by Trustee Guido, unanimously carried,

RESOLVED, to accept the report as given.

No report from Board.


Interim Superintendent Hajczewski reported that he has begun work on Main Street sidewalk replacement.

He said all is well (”perfect”) with the cemetery/cemetery maintenance worker.

Alden Field

Again, due to the recent heavy rains and some flooding, the fields need clay, stone dust, mulch for the playground, and sand for the sandbox.

The DPW has cleaned the building and it is ready to go.

The culvert area has been washed away again also and has been closed to the public for safety issues. Mayor Flint said he would like to wait to try and get federal funding to replace the culvert with a bridge. However, it may be some time and it is in the interest of all to open the park to the public as soon as possible. It was therefore decided to have the DPW repair the culvert again so it is able to withstand vehicle and pedestrian traffic allowing use of the field again.

Annual Inspection
No violations were reported.

Mayor Flint noted that several chairs and tables are missing from the gymnasium. Also some of the tables appear to have been switched with older ones.TIME WARNER CABLE – Franchise Renewal
Notification was received from Time Warner that the present franchise between the village and Time Warner will expire on March 28, 2016. Time Warner Cable is hereby fiving notice that it seeks renewal of its cable television franchise pursuant to the provisions of 47 U.S.C. 546 and requests commencement of renewal proceedings pursuant to 47 U.S.C 546 (a).

After discussion, it was decided to invite John Mucha, Director of Government Relations for attend a village meeting in the near future to discuss the franchise.

Thank you cards were received from the Sharon Springs and Roseboom Senior Groups for donations.

A Sympathy card will be sent to the family of Lynn E. Green, Jr., former attorney to the village on his unexpected passing.

After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Guido, seconded Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried,

Resolved, to make payment on bills and amend the budget as follows:
General Fund Ch #’s101234 - 10277 $15,207.23
Water Fund “ “                                       3,833.64
            Total Fund                              $19,040.87

Trust & Agency Fund Ch # 1782– 1786 $ 2,507.29

Including deductions – Social Security, Medicare, Federal, Retirement
Budget Amendments

From                                To                                           To

CHIPS                           A5112.2 $4,217.21                   A3501 $4,217.21
(More than
2012-13 Budget Year   A7110.4 $ 18.99                       A2770 $ 18.99
                                    A8810.4 1,300.00                     A2770 1,300.00
                                    A5110.4 69.28                          A2770 69.28
                                    A1640.4 119.23                        A2770 119.23
                                    A5110.4 15,000.00                   A2770 15,000.00
                                   A8170.2 10,000.00                    A2770 10,000.00
                                   A1990.4 2,974.88                      A2770 2,974.88

2012-13 Budget year   F1990.4 689.09                         F2770 690.09


It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Guido, unanimously carried to close the meeting at 7:45 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,

Dorothy E. Johnson,
July 17, 2013

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