Annual Organizational Meeting

ANNUAL ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING April 6, 2015 Proposed - APPOINTMENTS & SALARIES May Flint proposed the following appointments, salaries, policies and procedures as follows: Mayor- Kevin J. Flint elected to 4/17 $ 1,750.00 annual Trustee- Edward A. Harvey, elected to 4/18 $ 1,500.00 ” Trustee- Louis A. Guido, elected to 4/17 $ 1,500.00 “ Deputy Mayor –Edward A. Harvey, appointed to 4/16 $ 100.00 “ Attorney- Dennis Laughlin – contracted $ 5,000.00 “ Clerk-Treasurer, Record’s Keeper, Tax Collector- Dorothy E. Johnson – 2 yr. app. to 4/17 (w/benefits, inc. health ins) $14,014.00 “ Registrar of Vital Statistics – D. Johnson, app. to 4/17 $ 125.00 “ Deputy Clerk-Treasurer & Deputy Registrar- Eileen D. Kerzick $11.00 per hr. Interim Superintendent/Maintenance worker- David Hajczewski, $15.50 per app. annually w/ benefits, inc. health ins. Maintenance Worker – Conway Bishop – w/ benefits, no health ins. $14.00 per hr. Part time Cemetery Maintenance Worker- ________________ $10.00 per hr. Other Part time laborers – hired as needed $10.00 per hr. Election Inspectors – Not needed this year Public Health Officer-Brenda Davies-Wait app. to 4/17 -0- Historian – ________________ Appointed annually -0- Park Maintenance – K. Don Brigham ………………………………… $100.00 annual PLANNING BOARD Dennis Laughlin, Chair, 7 yr. term to 4/2022 Blake Hayes, 7 yr. term to 4/2017 Dennis noted that the next planning board meeting will me on April 27th, at which time they will complete and be ready to present the village comprehensive plan. Proposed - POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Official Bank – NBT Bank of Norwich, Cherry Valley Branch Official Newspaper- Daily Star, Oneonta Official Board Meeting- 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Authorization for Clerk to pay utilities, health insurance, postage, and small items to run office and equipment as needed, prior to board meeting approval Interest Rate Charge- 5% first month, with 1% added each month thereafter. Copies - $ .25 each Classes/work related meetings Work related travel - $ .57.5 per mile Meals- If not included with class, as per policy of 10/92: $15.00 per day. Bounced check fee- $20.00 County Sales Tax receipts – 75% to General Fund. 25% to Water Fund All Employees- Offered NYS Retirement & Deferred Compensation Plan Policies – Investment, Procurement, Code of Ethics, Prohibition of Sexual Harassment, Drug Free Work Place, Meal Reimbursement, Emergency Preparedness Plan, Water Restriction During Drought Emergency, Hazardous Mitigation Plan, Clerk/Deputy Clerk Segregation of Duties, DPW Guidelines. Cemetery Charges, Rules– Added resident definition Water Charges/Rules The above were accepted upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Guido, unanimously carried, and further RESOLVED To close the meeting at 8:55 pm. Respectfully Submitted, Dorothy E. Johnson Clerk-Treasurer April 8, 2015

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