September 2015 Minutes

MINUTES September 21, 2015 The meeting was opened by Mayor Kevin J. Flint at 7:00 p.m. In attendance were Trustees Edward A. Harvey and Louis A. Guido, Jr., Clerk-Treasurer Dorothy E. Johnson, Deputy Clerk Amy Herr, Maintenance Worker Conway Bishop, Carl Waldman and Mark Mastroianni, Cherry Valley Community Facilities Corporation, Aaron Van Buren, Cherry Valley Emergency Squad, and village residents Leah Carpenter and Susan Miller. MINUTES The first item on the agenda was approval of the minutes as members received in written form. It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Guido, unanimously carried, to accept the minutes as written. TREASURER’S REPORT Checking Account 09/01/15 Balance General $174,336.57 Water 43,184.53 Total Fund $217,521.10 Trust & Agency $752.42 Savings Accounts 09/01/15 Balance Water System Repair Reserve $ 2,896.15 Cemetery Capital Reserve 10,826.33 Unemployment Insurance Reserve 2,638.29 Water Debt Service Reserve 20,906.03 Parks & Recreation Reserve 3,494.94 Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Res 238.49 James Wait Basketball Court Fund $15,828.04 Water Taxes Taxes Unpaid 8/1/15 Water – Billed 8/1/15 $18,381.91 $29,305.25 Paid in August 8,643.18 3,774.13 Unpaid 9/1/2015 $9,738.73 $25,531.12 It was upon motion of Trustee Guido, seconded by Trustee Harvey Unanimously carried, RESOLVED, to accept the report as given. CEMETERY Lots Sold, Deed signed to: David & Jean Roy Two Grave Lot, Sect. E, Lot 10 b & c. Lots Sold Back to Village: John & Ruth Snyder, 3 grave lot, B2, 134 a,b,c. FALL NOTICES Leaf Pickup - The Village of Cherry Valley Department of Public Works will begin picking up leaves at the beginning of October, until mid-November throughout the village. Leaves must be raked to the curb, not in the ditch and with no other brush included. Leaves should NOT be bagged at this time of year. Other brush, garden and lawn debris will be picked separately. No All Night Parking - Parking is prohibited on all streets within the Village of Cherry Valley from October 1st through May 1st, between the hours 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 am. Parking in the village parking lots is available during the evening hours, though not for winter storage. Hydrant Flushing Hydrants will be flushed on October 6th and 7th. Water may be discolored and pressure disrupted during this time. Halloween Celebrations Trick or treating will held on Saturday, October 31st in the Village of Cherry Valley, hours 5:30 to 7:30. Also, on the 31st, there will be a Halloween Party at the firehouse from 1 – 3 pm. for children (Pre-school to 6th grade). Weather permitting the children will march up Genesee and Main Street to the parking lot and back. Make sure the little ones come in costume to enjoy all of the fun, games/crafts, prizes, and refreshments. Unpaid Taxes - All village taxes remaining unpaid after November 1st will be sent to Otsego County for collection. Any tax payment received without interest will be returned to the property owner. Food Pantry Reminder of anyone in need or wanting to donate to the local Food Pantry, it is located in the old school and open on Tuesdays, hours 9 am to 12 noon and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. If in need of food or to donate you may call Mary Fralick at 607-547-8734 or write to The Daily Bread Food Pantry, P. O. Box 328, Cherry Valley, NY 13320. EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS James Wait – Outdoor Basketball Court Construction of the court has been held up by the paving company. DPW NEW WATER METERS It was decided to hold on purchasing new water meters until further information is available. MONTGOMERY STREET PROJECT Montgomery Street has been completed. CVCFC Mr. Waldman and Mr. Mastroianni gave an update on the old school building and asked the board’s opinion on the possibility of taking the section between the post office and the gymnasium (old boiler room) down. Board members agreed that this would probably be the wisest solution as there are several problems with this area. Members of the Facilities’ Corporation will get prices to remove and fill in the area. It will be used as a park or parking area most likely. HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION Sue Miller said she and Jackie Flint are planning a Halloween Event to help raise money for the Cherry Valley Community Facilities Corporation as a new furnace is needed for the post office portion of the building. (The furnace will cost around $9,500.00 according to Mr. Waldman.) Mrs. Miller asked if it would be okay to walk through the cemetery on that evening. Approval was given. CV EMERGENCY SQUAD EVENTS Aaron VanBuren, Cherry Valley EMS asked for the village board’s support in coming events they are planning. Squad members are planning more fund raisers as they are still facing financial difficulties partly due to state mandates. WEBSITE Leah Carpenter asked if she could help/manage the village and town website as she said Lenny DiFranza plans on moving. Nothing was decided at this time but the Clerk will stay in contact with Mrs. Carpenter regarding the matter. TREASURER’S BOOKS Board members audited the Clerk-Treasurer’s books as the annual report is complete. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS The newer employee benefits were reviewed and clarified. AUDIT OF CLAIMS After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Guido, seconded Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried, RESOLVED to make payment on bills and transfer appropriations as follows: General Fund Ch #’s 11427 - 11473 $36,837.69 Water Fund " 3,939.34 Total Fund $40,777.03 Trust & Agency Fund, Including deductions – Social Security, Medicare, Federal, Retirement 1860 - 1862 $187.96 2,244.65 $2,432.65 Transfer of Appropriations To From A8560.4 $300.00 A1990.4 $300.00 A9050.8 776.70 A1990.4 776.70 ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm upon motion of Trust Harvey, seconded by Trustee Guido. Respectfully Submitted, Dorothy E. Johnson Clerk-Treasurer September 23, 2015

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