May 2018 Minutes

May 21, 2018

Meeting opened at 7:03 PM by Mayor Guido with the Pledge to the Flag.  In attendance were Mayor Louis A. Guido, Trustee Conway Bishop and Amy Herr, Clerk-Treasurer.  Trustee Ian Feulner arrived at 7:07 PM.  Also present were Tamara Saba, Andy Minnig, JoAnn Guido, Mary Beth Flint, Pamela Noonan, Howard Young and Rob Albrecht, GMVLB.  Dennis Laughlin entered the meeting later.

Approval of the April minutes as members received in written form.  It was upon motion of Trustee Bishop, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried, to accept the minutes as written with one correction.

Checking Account

5/01/18 Balance


Total Fund

Trust & Agency

Savings Accounts

5/01/18 Balance
Water System Repair Reserve

Cemetery Capital Reserve

Unemployment Insurance Reserve

Water Debt Service Reserve

Parks & Recreation Reserve

Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Res

James Wait Basketball Court Fund

Water Unpaid 4/1/18


Billed in April

Paid in April

Unpaid 5/1/18

It was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Bishop,
unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to accept the report as given.


          Rob Albrecht of the GMVLB gave a presentation on how the Land Bank works, how they are funded and what assistance they can give for blighted properties in the community.  The goal of the GMVLB is to get properties in private hands and back on the tax rolls.  Money for the projects comes partially from a fund that was set up from the Attorney General’s Office that had come from banks in a settlement.  This money can cover 25% of the project with the remainder coming from other sources or in-kind contributions.  The municipality would have to pass a resolution endorsing the GMVLB and a 5/50 resolution regarding tax sharing after the property is back in private hands.  The GMVLB also needs a community organization or group of citizens that would act as a Worthy Partner to manage the property locally for the GMVLB.  The Worthy Partners would come up with a plan for the blighted properties.  To establish the properties that may be a candidate for the GMVLB, reports can come from citizens, government, or the Worthy Partners group.  After answering questions from individuals present Rob Albrecht advised that he will be sending information for the resolutions to the Village.  An initial list of vacant properties in the Village will be forwarded to Rob Albrecht.     


          Dave Hajczewski gave a written report of the DPW activities for review by the Board.  Dave Hajczewski reported that the cemetery is almost ready for Memorial Day.  He reported that the rental of the road sweeper worked well and that the ball fields will have work done on them once the work for the Wifi is completed.


          Discussion was held regarding the quotes that were received from Suit-Kote and Gorman for Hamilton, Church and Montgomery Street for Cold Mix paving with Chipseal.  It was decided to have work done on Hamilton Street and part of the remainder of Montgomery Street.  Both companies will be asked for an updated quote on Montgomery Street once the new distance to be paved is determined.  The company with the lowest total quote for both streets will be hired to do the work.

          JoAnn Guido asked about possible sidewalk repairs being made to Genesee Street.  Tammy Saba asked about the potholes under the traffic light on Main Street.  She was advised to contact the NYSDOT as it is their responsibility to take care of that.


          A possible temporary moratorium on sales of cemetery lots to anyone who is not a Village resident was discussed.  This would be done due to the few numbers of lots remaining available for sale.  Trustee Bishop stated that he is not in favor of this.  Mary Beth Flint asked if the moratorium would also include Town residents.  No decision was made on this idea as there are currently some options available for expansion of the cemetery.

          Clerk-Treasurer Herr reported that the Presbyterian Church has discussed donating some property to the Village for an extension of the cemetery.  As long as the Presbytery of Utica has no objections to this, further discussions can be held with the Village on how this can be completed.  Mayor Guido discussed the possibility of moving the gate of the cemetery out to the end of the driveway and expanding some lots out on the property that the Village owns along the driveway. 


          Sean LaRose from Waste Recovery Enterprises (WRE) called the Village Office to report that Otsego County is now going to be charging $55/ton for recycling for the commercial haulers.  Since a contract has already been signed, there will be no extra compensation made by the Village for that charge.

          Sean Larose also reported that WRE will be renting a truck from Home Town Hauling to pick up the garbage and recycling in Cherry Valley.  The individuals that will be picking up the garbage and recycling will be WRE employees.


After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Bishop, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried,
RESOLVED to make payment on bills and budget modifications as follows:
General Fund
Ch. #’s 12966-13008
Water Fund                                     
Ch. #’s 12966-13008
Total Fund
Ch. #’s 12966-13008
Trust and Agency Fund
Ch # 1910 & auto deductions

          None needed.


          The meeting adjourned at 8:14 PM upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Bishop.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy S. Herr, Clerk-Treasurer
May 23, 2018

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