April 2009 Minutes

April 20, 2009

The meeting of the Cherry Valley Village Board opened at 6:30 p.m. with Mayor Jeffrey S. Stiles presiding. In attendance were Trustee Edward A. Harvey, Trustee Kevin Flint, Clerk-Treasurer Dorothy E. Johnson, Village Attorney Lynn E. Green, Jr., Stacey Michael, Jane Sapinski, Patti Engel, Dennis Laughlin, Mike Feulner, Joann and Lou Guido, Leonard DeFranza, Mike Nelson, Liz Plymell, Gerald Woodworth, and Melanie Crawford.


The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes, as sent to all board members in written form.
It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written.


Fund Checking Account Balance
Village General Fund $53,571.99
Water Fund 5,857.81
Total Fund $59,429.80
Trust & Agency Fund $ -0-

Fund Savings Account
Water System Repair Reserve $ 1,263.47
Cemetery Capital Reserve 12,725.40
Unemployment Insurance Reserve 6,936.61
Equipment Reserve 2,875.33
Capital Water Debt Service Reserve 44,327.49
Parks & Recreation Reserve 2,909.92
Sidewalk Repair/Replacement 530.91

Unpaid Water
Unpaid 3/1/09 $14,447.34
Paid in March 1,368.18
Unpaid 4/1/09 $13,079.16

It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried to accept the report as read.


Artworks – Village Attorney Green reviewed the draft lease that he had prepared with the village board and members of Artworks. A revised copy will be faxed to the Village Clerk tomorrow for Artworks to take to their attorney.


Mike Nelson inquired as to what permits are needed to be able to rebuild his garage or other buildings on his property. Mayor Stiles went over details of different permits required by Otsego County and the village.


Mayor Stiles opened the hearing on the proposed budgets at 7:00 pm for public comment.

LAND “PURCHASE” – Adjacent to Quonset

Trustee Harvey said he would work with Superintendent Wright to measure the land involved.


Minor changes were made to the draft law, to be finalized at the next meeting of the planning board according to Dennis Laughlin.


The Clerk spoke with Department of State officials who said the $10,000 reimbursement check should be mailed in three to four weeks.


It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint to close the hearing on the budgets and open the hearing on the Restore New York grant application at 7:30 pm. Stacey Michael explained the grant application process. She further explained that the village would be expected contribute 10% ($25,000), which could be in-kind. Comments and suggestions were heard from residents and board members. The board agreed that they would like to meet the owners of the property involved – Nefertiti & Wesley Campbell, this being a big step for the village to take, especially as it involves private property. None of the board members feel comfortable using village funds or labor for private property, even though it is a state funded grant that specifies it has to go through a municipality. Stacey explained that the village portion may be, in part, for the Clerk’s (extra) hours and may be reimbursed by the Campbell’s so it would not come out of village funds or time. Other areas of in-kind will be explored also. Ms. Michaels said that in order to meet the May 4, 2009 deadline for the application, the board needs to do a resolution of support soon. After discussion, it was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey so close the hearing at 8 pm.


A letter was sent to the Historic Preservation with some pictures of the village hall. However, they will need pictures of the windows and pictures of what will be used to replace the windows and front door. Lou Guido is working on this and has gotten some help/advice from Kent and June Barwick.


One employment application was received, to be kept on file.

A letter from the Census Bureau was sent to notify village officials that between April and July of 2009 U.S. Census employees will be visiting every housing unit in the village. In order to conduct the 2010 Census, the Bureau must know the address and physical location of each place where people live or stay. Their employees will wear official identification and carry hand-held computers to put capture physical addresses and their GPS coordinates.

DPW – Equipment Report – No report

The Clerk was asked to bring work orders to the monthly meetings.

Due to budget concerns, the board unanimously agreed that all employee classes are to now be approved by the board prior to committing to them.


After discussion and with no objections from the public, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to adopt the 2009 – 2010 budgets as follows:

__________________ General Fund Water Fund
Appropriations $262,541.00 $104,380.00
Revenues 94,001.00 104,380.00
Surplus ) -0-
Reserve ) 20,000.00 -0-___
To Be Raised by Taxes $158,540.00 -0-

Tax Rate per thousand $16.2134 Water Rate per thousand gallons 6.60
No Increase No Increase


After discussion it was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried,

WHEREAS, the Village of Cherry Valley has a number of commercial buildings that need revitalization and the proposed project is consistent with the village’s desire to do this revitalization, and

WHEREAS, Nefertiti and Wesley Campbell own a certain building at 29 Main Street, Village of Cherry Valley in need of this revitalization, and

WHEREAS, there are grant funds available through Restore New York funding to rehabilitate buildings, the proposed financing being appropriate for the project, and

WHEREAS, the grant application requires the Village to agree in concept to the project, and

WHEREAS, the Village agrees the proposed financing is appropriate for the project and the Village needs to participate in the grant administration, and

WHEREAS, the Village feels that there are issues and unanswered questions to the method of Village in-kind contribution for the administration of the grant, and

WHEREAS, the project develops and enhances infrastructure and/or other facilities in a manner that will attract, create and sustain employment opportunities where applicable, it is therefore

RESOLVED that the Village of Cherry Valley supports the Campbell’s grant application in concept for Restore NY funding to rehabilitate 29 Main Street, and it is

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Village reserves all its rights to withdraw from the administration of said grant upon complete review of the responsibilities of administration of said grant.

DRAFT AGREEMENT- Lamont Engineers

Mike Harrington, Lamont Engineers has submitted a draft agreement to the board in accordance to doing a study for a sewage system in the village. Board members agreed upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, to table the study until a time when funding is available.

CEMETERY – Lots Sold & Deeds Signed to:

Dean Utter Sally Brockway
One Grave Lot One Cremation Lot
Section D, Lot 15f Section B2, 82e

WASHING OF STREETS – Fire Department

The Fire Department had offered to wash the main streets, but due to a miscommunication between the village and the department it had to be re-scheduled to Tuesday, May 12th. Mayor Stiles said to have Superintendent Wright flush the hydrants on May 11 and 12 to be prepared for this. Also, the Clerk was asked to place a notice in the Daily Star and in public places within the village.


It was agreed to help the Chamber with a project putting large planters with trees on the wider section of Main Street. Four planters will be built by board members. The village will furnish the materials and the Chamber the trees.


As the truck is down again, Trustee Flint spoke to Marcy Hydrolics who said they will go through the truck again to see what the problem is. However, it is most likely going to cost $400 plus (Trustee Flint will check on) and board members don’t feel they should continue to spend money on the truck when they plan to replace it.


After discussion, as the village is in need of a vehicle to use for transportation/highway use as the board no longer wants the dump truck used for this purpose, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, unanimously carried,
RESOLVED, to purchase the used pickup truck formerly owned by Morris Brigham at a cost of $2,500.00, and it was
FURTHER RESOLVED, employees are to use their personal vehicles when attending to classes/dinners/meetings, with the village paying for the mileage.

ALDEN FIELD - Vandalism

Mayor Stiles said there is continued vandalism in Alden Park. Bathroom doors have been kicked in and the overhead door of the concession building damaged, as well as vehicles being seen on the field. There will be more lighting installed by the concession building and the dugouts and the gate will be locked at all times. No vehicles are to be on the field, unless authorized by village officials. Also, a security system will be put in place to be able to watch the field more closely.
The Mayor noted that the hydrant in the field is not locked. Superintendent Wright is to make sure there is a lock put on the hydrant.


After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded Trustee Flint, unanimously carried,
Resolved, to make payment on bills and transfer appropriations as follows:

General Fund Ch #’s 7688- 7748 $16,816.97
Water Fund “ “ 5,322.35
Total Fund $22,139.32
Trust & Agency Fund Ch #’s 1443 - 1452 $ 2,469.54

Transfer of Appropriations
To From
A7111.4 $ 66.64 A7110.4 $ 66.64
A8170.4 410.92 A8560.4 410.92

It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried to close the meeting at 10:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dorothy E. Johnson
Clerk-Treasurer May 5, 2009

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