July 2012 Minutes

MINUTES July 16, 2012 The meeting was opened at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Jeffrey S. Stiles. In attendance were Trustee Kevin J. Flint, Trustee Edward A. Harvey, Village Attorney Dennis B. Laughlin, and Interim Department of Public Works Superintendent, David Hajczewski. Notes were taken by Trustee Flint in the absence of the Clerk. MINUTES The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes, as sent to all board members in written form. It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, and unanimously carried, RESOLVED, to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written. TREASURER’S REPORT Checking Account 7/1/12 Balance General $141,271.17 Water 7,663.24 Total Fund $148,934.41 Trust & Agency $ 2,941.07 Savings Accounts 7/1/12 Balance Water System Repair Reserve $ 2,888.21 Cemetery Capital Reserve 11,132.50 Unemployment Insurance Reserve 5,167.74 Equipment Reserve 3,598.04 Water Debt Service Reserve 29,479.49 Parks & Recreation Reserve 6,138.42 Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Reserve 233.24 Unpaid Taxes Taxes Billed …………...$171,039.84 Unpaid Water on taxes …… 9,462.03 Less Cablevision …………. - 300.45 Billed …………………. $180,201.42 Paid in June ……………...-40,724.87 Unpaid July 1, 2012 ….. $139,476.55 Unpaid Water Water Billed 7/1/12….. $41,833.82 After discussion, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, unanimously carried, RESOLVED to accept the report as given. DOG COMPLAINTS Attorney Laughlin wrote letters to Sue Park and Daniel McCamley regarding dog complaints that the village has received. CORRESPONDENCE A letter was received from Tammy Saba, Lancaster Street thanking the Mayor and village crew for sidewalk work done near her home, maintaining village grounds, and the work they go above and beyond doing. Dee Mahalick sent a thank you to Mayor Stiles for all he does and for encouraging Jackie Flint to do the wishing well raffle for the Bi-Centennial, which brought in $391.00 for the food pantry. VILLAGE HALL INSPECTION The Mayor and Board’s inspection of the village hall will be held on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 6:30 pm. CEMETERY – Lot Sold, Deed signed to: Joan Davis – One grave Lot, Section B2, Lot 119 c. LEGAL NOTICES Attorney Laughlin notified board members that the village is not required to pay for published notices of meetings or public hearings, but to provide the information to the media. Posting notices in public places is required, however. These places are to be stated at the Organizational meeting. DPW Mr. Hajczewski requested putting flags on National Grid poles, providing they gave permission. He is to get more information and prices. EMPLOYEES – Executive Session Attorney Laughlin suggested the Board go into Executive Session. It was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimous-ly carried, to enter into executive session to discuss employee matters and to review applications. CLOSE EXECUTIVE SESSION It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, unanimously carried, RESOLVED to close the Executive Session at 8:30 pm. Interviews Selected applicants will be interviewed on Tuesday, July 24th beginning at 6:45 pm. Maintenance Worker Board members agreed that the full time maintenance worker will be given $11.50to begin, with a .50 raise after a three month probationary period. After he receives his water license, the pay will increase by $1.00. This must be done within one year’s time. Part time Cemetery Maintenance Worker The part time cemetery worker will be paid $10.00 per hour with no benefits. He will work with Ryan Brazie until he goes to college. Mr. Brazie will continue in the spring of 2013 as long as he is available. AUDIT OF CLAIMS After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Flint, seconded Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried, Resolved, to make payment on bills, amend budget as follows: General Fund Ch #’s 9621 – 9706 $25,585.75 Water Fund “ “ 3,987.62 Total Fund $29,573.37 Trust & Agency Fund Ch #’s 1732 -1741 $ 6,574.26 Including deductions – Social Security, Medicare, Federal, Retirement Budget Amendments Water Fund Balance 5/31/12 $3.90, budgeted $3,000.00 To From From 2012-13 Budget $3,000.00 F1990.4 - $2,000.00 F2770 -$1,000.00 F2140 - 1,000.00 F8340.4 - -500.00 F1120 - 500.00 F9010.8 -500.00 F2140 - 500.00 CHIPS Funds Spent in 2011-12, but Budgeted for 2012-13 A5112.2 -3,012.34 A3501 -3,012.34 Village General Fund Balance 5/31/12 $18,452.95 Budgeted 17,164.00 Remaining $ 1,288.95 From 2011-12 Budget To To To 2012-13 Budget A1990.4 $1,288.95 A2770 $1,288.95 ADJOURNMENT It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Flint, unanimously carried to close the meeting at 8:45 pm. Respectfully Submitted, Dorothy E. Johnson Clerk-Treasurer July 31, 2012

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