2019 Organizational meeting

April 1, 2019

Meeting opened at 7:01 PM by Mayor Louis A. Guido with the Pledge to the Flag.  Mayor Louis A. Guido, Trustee Ian M. Feulner, Attorney E. Hyde Clarke and Clerk-Treasurer Amy S. Herr present.  Trustee Conway M. Bishop was excused due to illness.  Also present were Dennis Laughlin, JoAnn Guido, Lorraine Bosma, Kathleen Taylor and Gerry Woodworth.

Budget Hearing
Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried to open the Budget Hearing at 7:02 PM.

Dennis Laughlin inquired about the $5000.00 for Highway Equipment.  Mayor Guido advised that it is for a snow blower and sweeper.  Dennis Laughlin reiterated his offer for voluntarily providing legal services to the Village.  The money that would be saved by the Village could be used for repairs to the Village Hall.

Regarding the offer by Dennis Laughlin to provide free legal services to the Village, Mayor Guido stated that Attorney Clarke has a large firm behind him that would continue to provide legal services to the Village if he were not available.  If the Village accepted the offer of free services and something happened to Dennis Laughlin the Village would then have to come up with the money to retain an attorney.  Dennis Laughlin stated that his law partner would be available to become the Village Attorney at no cost if something were to happen that he would not be available to serve.   Ed Harvey stated that Attorney Clarke has stepped up and served the Village this past year. 

Mayor Guido brought up possibly renegotiating the lease with Art Works for clarification on maintenance of the building.  Kathleen Taylor asked what would happen to the building if Art Works was not leasing it.  Mayor Guido advised that the building could be put up for sale if the Village decided to do that. 

Kathleen Taylor stated that it is nice to keep the Village tax dollars locally, such as getting flowers from Jackie Hull and having Dennis Laughlin as the attorney.  She supports the Village in working with Art Works.

Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido to close the budget hearing at 7:10 PM.  Motion carried.

Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido unanimously carried to open the Organization Meeting at 7:10 PM. 

Proposed - Appointments as of 4/1/2019 and Salaries as of 6/1/2019
Mayor – Louis Guido, elected to 4/21                                                                 $1925.00 annual
Trustee – Conway Bishop, elected to 4/21                                                           $1650.00 annual
Trustee – Ian Feulner, elected to 4/22                                                                 $1650.00 annual
Deputy Mayor – Conway Bishop, appointed to 4/20                                            $100.00 annual
Attorney – Hyde Clarke, attorney with the law firm Young/Sommer                     $4000.00 annual
Clerk-Treasurer, Records Keeper, Tax Collector - Amy Herr
Appointed to 4/21 – w/benefits, no health ins.                                                     $23,712.00 for
1248 hours annually
Registrar of Vital Statistics – Amy Herr, appointed to 4/21                                   $250.00
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer & Deputy Registrar - Eileen Kerzick
appointed to 4/21                                                                                               $15.00/hour
Interim DPW Superintendent – David Hajczewski,                                              $41,600.00 annually
app. annually w/benefits, inc. health ins. 
Maintenance Worker – Taylor Miles, w/benefits, no health ins.                            $14.50/hour     
Part-time Cemetery Worker – Joshua Ingles                                                        $12.00/ hour
Other Part-time laborers- hired as needed                                                            $12.00/hour
Election Inspectors – none needed                                                                     
Public Health Officer – Brenda Davies-Wait, DO appointed to 4/21                      $0.00
Historian – Susan Miller – Appointed annually                                                    $200.00
Building Inspector – Jeff Stiles- Appointed annually                                            $250.00

The above noted Appointments were made by Mayor Guido.  Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried to approve the appointments and associated salaries as listed.

Official Bank – NBT Bank of Norwich, Cherry Valley Branch
Official Newspaper- Daily Star, Oneonta
Official Board Meeting- 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
Authorization for Clerk to pay utilities, gasoline, garbage contract, health insurance, postage, water bonds/ interest on water bonds and small items to run office or equipment as needed prior to board meeting approval
Interest Rate Charge- 5% first month, with 1% added each month thereafter.
Copies - $ .25 each
Classes/work related meetings to be reviewed as requested at a Regular Meeting of the Board.
Work related travel – Reimbursed at current IRS rate.
Meals- If not included with class/conference $45.00 per day.
Bounced check fee- $20.00
County Sales Tax receipts – 75% to General Fund. 25% to Water Fund
All Employees- Offered NYS Retirement (required for Full-time employees) & Deferred Compensation Plan
Policies – Investment, Procurement, Code of Ethics, Sexual Harassment, Drug Free Work Place, Meal Reimbursement, Emergency Preparedness Plan, Water Restriction During Drought Emergency, Hazardous Mitigation Plan, Limited English Proficiency Plan, Clerk/Deputy Clerk Segregation of Duties, DPW Guidelines.
Cemetery Charges & Rules
Water Charges/Rules

Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried to accept and continue the above Policies and Procedures.

Other Business

Clerk-Treasurer Herr advised that a change will be made in the Board payroll in that the Board members will be paid on the fourth (4th) Friday of the month instead of the last day of the month.  This will allow for the banking that needs to be done with the payroll to be done on the regular office banking day.

Mayor Guido stated that the Village has worked hard to stay within its means this past year.  This resulted in no tax levy increase this year and he hopes to possibly be able to lower taxes next year.  There are plans to do work on Church and Lancaster Street this year. 

Lorraine Bosma asked about a sewer project for the downtown area.  It was discussed that the lack of a sewer system could have an effect on business growth in the area.  There are issues with the bedrock in the Village in being able to dig deep enough for a sewer system and the cost of a project that was last estimated at $12 million. 

Kathleen Taylor asked about the Walmart trucks coming through the Village.  Attorney Clarke explained about what has been done with the Walmart attorneys.  Mayor Guido brought up the possibility of trying to get Walmart to pay the Village for the trucks coming through.  The money could be used for items such as the sidewalks and curb cuts on Main Street.  Lorraine Bosma stated that the trucks are now going up Montgomery Street and Church Street rather than turning at the Main Street intersection.  The State DOT has been requested to do a traffic study in the Village.

Discussion held regarding a possible shared service with the Village of Richfield Springs for law enforcement.   Discussion on use of radar signs in the Village may be an alternative as the cost for law enforcement is an expensive solution to the speeding issues in the Village.  Radar signs on Main, Alden or Genesee Street would require approval from the State DOT or County Highway for placement.

Mayor Guido reported that Spectrum will be meeting with him this week about locations in the Village for WiFi.  A question was asked about the speed of the WiFi.  This has not been established yet.

Mayor Guido discussed that the Village will be applying for a grant from Otsego Soil and Water in the amount of $1000.00 to plant trees on lower Main Street.  Each tree will cost $130.00.

NYCOM conference will be at the Otesaga in May.  Trustee Feulner may be able to go.

Proposed Budget
Total                                        General                                    Water
Appropriations                          $398,013.00                              $273,278.00                              $124,735.00
Revenues Other than                  $177,902.00                              $  65,997.00                              $111,905.00
Real Property Taxes                       
Appropriated Cash Surplus         $          0.00                              $           0.00
Appropriated Reserve                $ 31,936.00                               $  21,106.00                              $  10,830.00
Balance to be raised by
Real Property Taxes                  $186,175.00                              $186,175.00
Total Revenue                           $398,013.00                              $273,278.00                              $124,735.00

Proposed Tax Rate 6.0211per thousand                                                   Proposed Water Rate $8.40 per thousand gallons
0.0154 per thousand increase                                                                                      $0.00 increase

Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried to accept the above Budget.

Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido unanimously carried to schedule the next Organizational Meeting for the Village of Cherry Valley on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 7 PM at the Village Office.

Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy S. Herr, Clerk-Treasurer
April 2, 2019

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