August 2019 meeting minutes

August 19, 2019

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM by Mayor Guido with the Pledge to the Flag.  In attendance were Mayor Louis A. Guido, Trustee Conway Bishop, Trustee Ian Feulner, David Hajczewski, Int. DPW Superintendent, Amy Herr, Clerk-Treasurer, Taylor Miles, Maintenance Worker, Hyde Clarke, Attorney and Edward Harvey, Consultant.  Also in attendance were JoAnn Guido, Barbara Hall, Gary Lozier, Jennifer Bishop, Dorothy Johnson, Jennifer Hill (Freeman’s Journal) Andy Minnig, Kathryn Lane, Peter Freehafer, Dennis Laughlin, Lisa Heinrich, Jordan Zaccagnino, Lewis Warner, Michael Nelson and Laura Freer.

Approval of the July minutes as members received in written form.  It was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Bishop, unanimously carried, to accept the minutes as written.


Checking Account

08/01/19 Balance


Total Fund

Trust & Agency

Savings Accounts      

08/01/19 Balance
Water System Repair Reserve

Cemetery Capital Reserve

Unemployment Insurance Reserve

Water Debt Service Reserve

Parks & Recreation Reserve

Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Res

General Fund Savings

Taxes Unpaid 7/1/19
Water Unpaid 7/1/19

Paid in July
Billed in July
Unpaid 8/1/19

It was upon motion of Trustee Bishop, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried, to accept the report as given.


            Public Hearing was opened at 7:05 PM. Notice of the Public Hearing ws published in The Daily Star on August 3, 2019 and was posted at the Village Office on July 31, 2019

Attorney Clarke gave a summary of the changes in the law from the previous public hearing.  Comments in favor of the local law included that animals need space to move around, they are a nuisance on sidewalks and roads, it is for the good and well-being of the village residents and property values and the law will have no impact on non-village residents.  Comments against the local law were that the waiver section is weak, the Purpose and Findings section does not have documented support and that there is not a need for the law.  Questions were asked about the religious waiver in regard to an Amish family.  Attorney Clarke responded that an Amish resident could apply for a waiver and if turned down by the Board would then be able to file a lawsuit against the Village. Questions were asked about keeping chickens in the Village and the waiver process for religious reasons.

            Motion made to close the Public Hearing by Trustee Bishop, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried.  Public Hearing closed at 7:22 PM.


            Attorney Clarke stated that Local Law 1 of 2019 had been referred to Otsego County Planning Office and was returned for local action.  He clarified the provisions of the law regarding chickens.  He stated that an application for a waiver would be done after the law was passed as this is an administrative function. 

            Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Bishop, unanimously carried to declare the Village Board as the lead agency for SEQR.  Motion made by Trustee Bishop, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried to declare the action an unlisted action under SEQR.  Board advised by Attorney Clarke that Part 1 of the SEQR form is completed.  Part 2 of the form was then read and completed by Mayor Guido.  Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Bishop, unanimously carried to adopt a negative declaration pursuant to SEQR.    

            Motion made by Trustee Bishop, seconded by Trustee Feulner, RESOLVED that Local Law 1 of 2019, A Local Law to Repeal Local Law #2 of the Year 1986, as Amended by Local Law #2 of 1994, and to Prohibit Livestock and Regulate the Keeping of Fowl is approved by a vote of 3-0, Mayor Guido, Trustee Bishop and Trustee Feulner all voting in favor of the law.


            Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Bishop, unanimously carried to reschedule the September 2019 meeting to the 4th Monday of the month, 9/23/19, due to the unavailability of the Clerk-Treasurer.

Trustee Feulner had to leave the meeting at 7:30 PM.


There has been a drainage problem due to the ditch at 8 Lancaster Street needing to be cleaned.  Approval was given by Mayor Guido for the DPW to clean the ditch to resolve the problem.


            Jonathan Ackerman of Maple Avenue requested to have his pool filled from the Fire Hydrant near his home.  As this will cause problems with the water pressure and discoloration at the neighboring homes this request is denied.  Greg Noonan requested a new water connection on his property on Lancaster Street as he is planning to build a home there.  This request will be reviewed once the house is begun to know the best location to put the new water line.


            Sexual Harassment training is required for all employees by October 9, 2019.  The training will be scheduled to be held in the afternoon for all Board members and employees.

            Gary Losier stated that last Christmas Eve there was a problem with the weather and it ws very cold out when the children were visiting Santa Claus.  He would like to be able to move this into the gazebo in the park on Main Street.  He would also like to have the Fire Truck that he arrives on moved from the area as it is loud due to it running the whole time.  Gary Losier will discuss this with Fire Chief Martin Field.

            Taylor Miles reported that the Fire Department would like to sponsor a Trunk and Treat in the Village Parking Lot prior to Trick or Treating in the Village on Halloween.  This was approved.

            Amy Herr reported that the Presbyterian Church will not be sponsoring the Chicken Barbeque on Memorial Day.  If there is any organization that would like to take this date for a Chicken Barbeque they can contact the Village Office.

            Mike Nelson asked where the responsibility for the water lines begins for a resident.  He is having an issue with his water.  Dave Hajczewski told him it is at the shut off.  He will come to the Nelson home to check on the water issue.  Mike Nelson also asked about planting trees between the sidewalk and road.  He was advised that he can do that, but will want to take in account for the needed root structure of the tree so it does not interfere with the sidewalk.  Mayor Guido stated that the Village has a grant to plant some trees in the village.  


After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Bishop, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried to make payment on bills and budget amendments and modifications as follows:

General Fund
Ch. #’s 13655-13704
Water Fund                                            
Ch. #’s 13655-13704
Total Fund
Ch. #’s 13655-13704
Trust and Agency Fund
Ch. #’s 1930-1932 & Auto deductions

Budget Modifications
To                                                                    From                                                              
A5112.2                      $909.66                       A1990             $909.66
A5187.2                      $819.00                       A1990             $819.00
A5410.4                      $5000.00                     A1990             $5000.00

Budget Amendments
From                                       To                                            To                                             


            The meeting adjourned at 7:43 PM upon motion of Trustee Bishop, seconded by Mayor Guido, unanimously carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy S. Herr, Clerk-Treasurer
August 22, 2019

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