March 2020 Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2020

Meeting opened at 7:00 PM by Mayor Guido with the Pledge to the Flag.  In attendance were Mayor Louis A. Guido, Trustee Ian Feulner, Trustee Edward Harvey, Amy Herr, Clerk-Treasurer and Taylor Miles, DPW Superintendent.  Also present were Tammy Bartlett and Alice Hurwitz.

Approval of the February minutes as members received in written form.  It was upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried, to accept the minutes as written.

Checking Account

03/01/20 Balance


Total Fund

Trust & Agency

Savings Accounts

03/01/20 Balance
Water System Repair Reserve

Cemetery Capital Reserve

Unemployment Insurance Reserve

Water Debt Service Reserve

Parks & Recreation Reserve

Sidewalk Repair & Replacement Res

General Fund Savings

Taxes Unpaid 2/1/2020
Water Unpaid 2/1/2020


Paid in February

Billed in February

Unpaid 3/1/2020

It was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried, to accept the report as given.


The DPW will begin sweeping the streets when it rains in the next few weeks.  Demolition and cleanup is to start on 3/24/2020 at 8 Lancaster Street.  Otsego County will be paving County Highway 54 from the Village line to East Springfield.  Taylor Miles asked about the Village paying the company doing the work to pave the rest of the street to the stop light.  As this section of street belongs to Otsego County the Village will not be paying for any of the repairs to Genesee Street.  A letter will be sent to Rich Brimmer, Otsego County Highway Superintendent about this.  The berm on Alden Field will be installed as soon as the weather permits.


          The Village Election that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, 2020 has been postponed to Tuesday, April 28, 2020 by Executive Order of Governor Cuomo.

          Proposed budget for 2020-2021 was presented.  There were no changes that the Board wanted done at this time.


          A bid for maintenance of the Cemetery was received on February 24, 2020 as per the bid notice.  Another bid was received after the bids were opened.  Motion made by Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried to reject the bids that were received. 
          The maintenance of the Cemetery will remain as in the past with temporary employees hired to do the maintenance.


          Motion made by Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried to hold the Annual Organizational Meeting and Public Hearing for the Budget on Monday, April 6, 2020 at 7 PM.


          Tammy Bartlett, owner of the Cherry Valley Hardware Store expressed her concerns that the individuals who were installing the Wi-fi for the Village were in her store again today.  This is the fourth time that they have come to check the serial numbers on the equipment they installed.  One of the workers made a comment that they were from Suffolk County and made a joke about the Coronavirus.  She had a customer in the store at the time and neither of them found it amusing.  Mayor Guido advised her that he would address this with Spectrum.

          A used 2009 Ford Ranger has been purchased for the Village DPW.  The Chevy S10 that had been used had become unsafe due to brake failure and other equipment failures causing the truck to be taken off the road.  This necessitated an emergency purchase of a vehicle for the DPW.  Pricing for decals for the truck will be obtained.

          Board members were given and reviewed the Benchmarking report for energy usage at the Village Shop through February, 2020.

          There is water running out in front of the Earl Evans residence.  A letter will be sent regarding fixing this issue.

          Alice Hurwitz asked if there are any prohibitions of having guinea hens in the Village.  A copy of the Local Law #1 of 2019 will be sent to her.

After review by the board, it was upon motion of Trustee Harvey, seconded by Trustee Feulner, unanimously carried to make payment on bills and budget amendments and modifications as follows:

General Fund
Ch. #’s 13969-14014
Water Fund                                     
Ch. #’s 13969-14014
Total Fund
Ch. #’s 13969-14014
Trust and Agency Fund
Ch. #’s 1946 & 1947 & Auto deductions

Budget Modifications
To                                                        From                                                   
A5187.2      $9746.00                         A1990                             $9746.00

Budget Amendments
From                                To                                    To                                     


          The meeting adjourned at 7:39 PM upon motion of Trustee Feulner, seconded by Trustee Harvey, unanimously carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy S. Herr, Clerk-Treasurer
March 17, 2020

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